In the Shadow of Shakespeare


Publication is imminent of Richard’s second novel, which explores the true identity of the author of the plays and sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare.

Preview of In the Shadow of Shakespeare

A literary whodunnit for our times.

When four actors performing Hamlet in Stratford upon Avon discover the real identity of the playwright, it seems the Shadow of Shakespeare does not want the centuries-old secret revealed.

Dramatic warnings mirror the killings in the play, as the characters morph into their stage personae.

  • Will Olivia drown on the river under the willows?
  • Is Hamish’s dream the reality of Shakespeare’s death?
  • Is the truth spelt out in the Sonnets, plain for all to see?

This romantic, sexy, funny and occasionally dark tale is packed with quotations and incidents from the play.

Whether or not you already love Hamlet, one thing is certain – after reading this intriguing, entrancing novel, you will never think about Shakespeare’s life in the same way again.

Who wrote Shakespeare’s plays?

This video by Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance on “The Question of Reasonable Doubt” provides an authoritative alternative to the widely accepted view about Shakespeare’s authorship.